AX-Edge: how to import all 256 ZEN-Core User Tones into Librarian


Inside the librarian section of the Editor there are "hidden" functions regarding the possibility of importing ZEN-Core Tones into the library using "alternative" methods not documented.

The editor allows the import of collections of ZEN-Core sounds in the *.svz format obtained from synths compatible with this standard or from Zenology Pro: in addition it is possible to convert Tones from Model--> corresponding ZEN-Core J-8, Juno106, SH101 and JX-8P user tone, when model collections are loaded.

The additional, undocumented possibility is to be able to import ZEN-Core tones into the library, loading the AX-Edge Backup file (*.svd) .
The same thing is possible with Fantom with "Menu/Utility/Export/Export Scene" functionality. In this case, all possible Zen-Core user Tones present in the scene or collection of scenes that have been exported are loaded.

The "trick" for PC version is to bypass the *.svz mask, writing *.* and then loading the .svd file.
In the MAC version, since you cannot select *.*, the simplest way is to rename the AX-Edge .svd file to AX-Edge.svz

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