Wavetable and Wave Sequences synthesis with Yamaha Montage and MODX

Using the Yamaha Montage and MODX AWM2 synthesis engine, I was able to find methods that allow you to have sounds similar to those obtained in Synths and Virtuals equipped with Wavetable oscillators or capable of reading Wave Sequences.

For further information, tests and experiments you will find:

- A first study that analyzes in detail 4 different synthesis techniques

(click on the image for the link to the article):

- A second study that explains how to create waveforms compatible with Montage (MODX) composed of "single-cycle" waveforms.
These waveforms, obtained starting from a Single-Cycle Wave of 2048 samples (the Xfer Serum standard) become the "basic building blocks" for the creation and use of wavetables in the Montage

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- The free WavetablesMontage.X7L library that contains 75 Waveforms with "single-cycle" waveforms, more than 30 Performances organized in 3 LiveSets each equipped with a User Audition created according to these sounds. The library can be used without any problem even with the MODX

Qui il link.

You can hear the 30 Auditions in the main article, while a "the best of" in this "Video Trailer".
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